Gold and Silver Banking



New to investing in gold and silver?


OWN Automatic

You know it’s a good idea to own physical gold and silver...

 The idea of making regular purchases is appealing to you.  However, you’ve discovered it’s more of a hassle than you thought. How do you accumulate gold and silver from a trusted source without putting another “to do” on your calendar?

The answer is to make it automatic.

  • Set a goal.
  • Schedule regular purchases to reach that goal.



You keep an eye on gold and silver prices...

Maybe you have developed a feel for the market’s ebb and flow. It could be that you’ve been trading paper proxies like ETFs, but you realize in today’s world it’s better to own the real thing. How can you have 24X7 access to buy physical metals and also have instant liquidity?

The answer is now.

  • You decide when the time is right to buy or sell.
  • Click.



You have an eye on the future…

In today’s unpredictable world, how can you best protect and grow your long-term investments?

Precious metals have played a critical role in such times. However, a cumbersome setup process, high fees, and unreasonable gold and silver premiums left you on the sidelines. That is, until now...

Enter the OWNx trading platform:

  • What once took days, now takes minutes.
  • Account setup is online.
  • Linking your OWNx, custodian, and depository accounts are automatic.
  • Buy and sell gold and silver instantly from your Dashboard with zero paperwork.
  • Own a specific weight of low premium IRA approved bars.

More Ounces.More Control.Less Time. Lower Fees.


OWNx Rewards

When you are part of something unique...

From the day we launched our technology platform, OWNx clients wanted an easy way to share what they found with friends and family. Our response was, “Hey, let’s share with them too!”  That’s how OWNx Rewards was born.

It’s pretty straightforward.

  • When you create your account, you get a unique code that you can share with others when you tell them about OWNx.
  • When they create their account, they enter your code.
  • For that simple act, you are rewarded with up to 25% of their premium over the OWNx Base Price or Live Price.
  • As something unique, instead of a cash payment, we credit your account with more physical gold and silver!

This isn’t a multi-level marketing plan. You receive rewards for only those whom you directly share the OWNx story with. You must also be making scheduled purchases each month in order to claim your rewards.

We just felt that if you like us and are using our platform, you’ll share your experience with others. This is one way we can say “thanks!”